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Ameela advanced DNA polynucleotides

Ameela advanced DNA polynucleotides

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Ameela advanced DNA polynucleotides 2ml

Redefine youthful radiance with
Ameela advanced DNA polynucleotides

Ameela is an innovative injectable solution based on natural polymerized polynucleotides. It is a highly moisturising gel that restores skin firmness and elasticity whilst protecting against cellular damage. 

Ameela is an innovative aesthetic solution, offering a viscoelastic, sterile, non-pyrogenic, and absorbable formulation based on purified polymerised polynucleotides. These essential building blocks of DNA and RNA are crucial for cellular repair and regeneration, playing a vital role in maintaining skin elasticity, hydration, and overall quality. Free from components like proteins that can trigger an immune response, Ameela effectively restores skin firmness and elasticity while protecting against free radicals and cellular damage. 

Elevate Periocular Care with Ameela Eyes

Ameela Eyes represents a significant advancement in periocular treatment, offering a sophisticated alternative for healthcare professionals seeking to address common eye area concerns.  

Ameela Eyes is specifically designed for the treatment of eyebags, periocular wrinkles, and for enhancing the structural integrity of the skin, offering a more youthful and revitalised appearance. 

Mechanism of Action

Ameela Eyes utilises the regenerative properties of polynucleotides, which are natural compounds known for stimulating tissue repair and hydration.  

When applied to the periocular area, this polynucleotide gel initiates a bio-restructuration process, leading to the regeneration and biostimulation of the skin.

 This results in a noticeable improvement in the appearance of superficial wrinkles and reduction in the prominence of eye bags and dark circles.

WARNING this procedure may have a downtime of up to 1 week post treatment 

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